Tuesday, 10 February 2009


It was around 1990 when I first discovered woollen blankets in op shops. I found the one above and decided that I loved it so much I wanted to wear it. I drafted up a pattern on brown craft paper and my first “Blanket Jumper” was born. I was 16 and had a surfer dude boyfriend with long blonde dreadlocks. We had matching blanket jumpers – well actually I wore the one above and I made him one out of a grey army blanket. Very cool dude…or should I say warm dude……anyway my love of blankets has just progressed from there really.

At one stage I thought I was going to make a business out of selling blanket jumpers to friends and family. I was 16 remember and it was the 90’s.

Funnily enough I now have a business recycling woollen jumpers…which is not too dissimilar to woollen blankets!

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Kelly Gunn said...

Hey Morg,

I remember your 'Blanket Jumpers'............. I remember thinking you were so clever to create a funky piece of clothing out of an old blanket from the op shop!

Here we are some 15+ years later and your still making amazing creations from your "Op Shop finds"......
Your imagination inspires me................... ox Kell