Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Empire Line Dresses

In an alternate reality, I would love to live a Pride & Prejudice life. A life where I could dress up (or be dressed) everyday in long swishy Empire Line dresses – made from the finest silks in the most delicate of colours. I would swan around my mansion, drinking tea, reading novels, playing the piano and hand sewing little embroidered hankies and the like.

Because (as I have previously confessed) I am short and pear shaped, I find Empire Line dresses to be very flattering, as they create the illusion of length and skim the body (or should I say hips…) in the loveliest way.

When I got married – I took the opportunity to work with a fabulous dress maker to realise my design. We chose the most beautiful pale pink silk and lined the dress with cream antique wedding kimono silk that I had been given in my twenties. The dress took on many of my favourite clothing design elements – a cross over top, an empire line, bell sleeves and generous layers of fabric.

We got married during the Winter Solstice in a dusk ceremony in the Sherbrooke forest in the Dandenong Ranges. It was absolutely freezing but such an amazing and quite theatrical ceremony and a perfect excuse for me to swan around in my Empire Line dress and play ‘lady’ for a night.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress - you look so happy!!

I have given you an award - please come by my blog to accept!!