Monday, 23 March 2009


Ever since I was a little girl I have had pet cats. Before I had human babies – they were my furry babies. There have been a few over the years…at one stage somewhere in my twenties I had 5. I can tell you now – that it was full on. I would get home from work and there they all were at the front door to greet me – they must have some kind of built in alarm clock because they were always there when the key turned in the lock. Singing for their supper and meowing their greetings.

It all got too much in the end and one got adopted out, one left home and sadly one died of cancer. Now I just have my two old boys above.

FB (Fatboy) is the black one and is 12 this year and Zippy is the stripy one and is 14. They have had a good life and have now settled in to retirement pretty well. When my daughter Kitty (gee I must like cats!) was born there were jokes about me adding another to my litter….(after all my star sign is Leo and I was born in the year of the Tiger)…the boys didn’t take to kindly to being kicked out of the family bed and weren’t to impressed that she took all my attention away from them.

When Milo was born – FB took him in like a kitten and on a couple of occasions decided that the furry down on his head needed a good lick and clean…all the while purring away happily. Zippy on the other hand would rather Kitty and Milo buggered off so he could be numero uno once more. I can’t imagine my life without cats by my side. They really have been such dear friends.

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Kelly Gunn said...

What a topic “Cats”………….. Where do I begin my love of Cats started when I was very young. Our first family Cats name was ‘Smokey’, we were out doing some grocery shopping at our local ‘Tucker Bag’ (lol) when my sister and I came across a lady with a box of kittens, there was a gorgeous fluffy grey kitten in the litter that we just had to have! Previously to this we’d had a couple of Dogs but no other pets, anyway my sister and I ran to our Mum with kitten in hand begging her to allow us to get it ( There wasn’t much begging required as our Mum fell in love at first sight). Well the rest is history……… Unfortunately we didn’t have Smokey for very long, as she was hit by a car not even a year after we’d got her. We had a few more try’s with different Cats, The funniest names would have been ‘ Bubbles Henry’ & ‘Ebony Jane’. The Henry & Jane coming from the characters of the T.V show ‘Neighbors’ who were a hot couple in the 80’s (lol).

Luckily as Morg and I grew older and left home we both had more success with Cats, Myself with ‘Hendrix’ & ‘Tunic’ who both sadly passed away over the last 2 years at the ripe old age of 15……

And Morg with ‘FB’ & ‘Zippy’ who are still happy little bundles of fluff!!

What wonderful animals Cats are……. I can’t imagine what life would have been like without them!