Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Give me any excuse to crack a bottle of sparkling and I’ll be there with bells on. The anticipation and sound of the cork popping and the celebratory nature of this special nectar - make it a true favourite of mine.

When I think back over all the special moments in my life – champagne has been there to help me celebrate - graduating from study, getting engaged and then married, the birth of my children, celebrating a house warming……all these special moments that make up my story.

There’s also the memory of partying till the wee hours with girlfriends – glass of champers in hand, popping a bottle on a Friday night at home on the couch to celebrate the end of the working week, raising a glass to toast a dear friend or loved one at birthdays and weddings, celebrating those special family get togethers like Christmas and just opening a bottle for no reason other then pure enjoyment.

One of my all time favourite gifts from a dear friend was a 6 pack of Moet & Chandon Piccolos. What an absolute treat! There was just enough in each bottle to have two glasses, so perfect for sharing with someone special. They were savoured and shared and loved. Let’s raise our glass and toast – to happy memories and good times! Cheers!


Morgan said...

So I was on blogspot looking at my sister's blog, and I created a user name so I could follow it (with a picture). Then I typed it in the browser to see if I had a profile or anything. And you came up! Long story short, my name is Morgan Wills, too! :)

Morgan Wills said...

Well...nice to meet you Morgan Wills. Before I got married I was Morgan Gunn.

Sarah S-B said...

Beautifully written! It's always nice to have an excuse for a glass of bubbles!!