Monday 24 May 2010

Op Shops

My idea of heaven is to have a WHOLE day fossicking around in lots of different op shops. I started op shopping in my early teens – it was a good way to make my pocket money go further and I quite liked wearing floral vintage dresses and had my own unique style happening (as teenagers are want to do) – so op shopping was full of wonderful opportunities to find cool stuff to wear that no one else had.

As I got older I rummaged around in op shops collecting all kinds of things to fill my house. Especially of course when I moved out of home and had my own house to decorate. I’ve always been attracted to domestic objects from between the 1930’s and the 1960’s – so those particular kind of vintage treasures over the years have caught my eye and my dollar. The ebbs and flows of my collections have covered items such as green glass, anodized aluminum, soda siphons (of which I have about 50 tucked away in boxes in the shed!), made in Japan ceramics (of which you have seen a few in the last post), jugs, teaspoons, mixing bowls, glasses, marbles, Chinese patterned ginger jars, glass jelly moulds, biscuit and chocolate tins, golden books, fisher price toys from my childhood, Enid Blyton Books (to add to the collection I have had since I was a kid) and of course the list goes on and on!

Funnily enough – when the right time finally came along for me to branch out and be in business for myself – I made sure that op shopping was something that had to be done in the name of ‘work’. And true to my ‘work’ I get to go to ‘work’ sourcing material for my creations every second day or so. If we are driving along in the car on an outing – I am constantly on the lookout for places to stop and do some work (I confess I am a workaholic) and I especially love the discovery of a new op shop I haven’t been to – oh the thrill of undiscovered gems!

The photos for this post are just a tiny few of my favourite finds from over the years – the ones that were closest on hand!

Sunday 16 May 2010

1950’s kitchenalia

I have collected things ever since I was a little girl. Some would call me a hoarder and say that my house was full of clutter although I prefer to see myself as a bower-bird and the treasures I find in my travels feather my nest, so to speak. I am not exactly sure of why I collect the things I do. My Great Grandmother Dorothy Kelly does have a small part to play - as her kitchen and her china cabinet remain forever burned in my memory. Sometimes I start a collection almost by default – like my more recent vintage apron collection which came about because of my souvenir tea towel collection…..anyway I’m not going to write much today about my 1950’s kitchenalia collection I thought instead I would show you a few photos of things from my kitchen which will give you an idea of the kinds of things that make my heart sing!

Monday 10 May 2010

1950's domestic illustrations

I love coming across old magazines from the 1950’s and 60’s at the op shop – I always love flicking through the yellowing pages to find the illustrative gems that at the time were oh so modern and new! With headings like – Automagically - the gift every woman wants – for a new washing machine to Bottling Fruit in the Lounge? Who would have thought!

The vintage style of the illustrations and the gorgeous colours really appeal to me – I suppose the ads and magazines in general are just an extension of the things I LOVE to collect. My kitchen (whilst overflowing with collected treasures) is an ode to the time when kitchen dressers with bakelite handles were standard fare, laminex and chrome kitchen tables with two tone matching vinyl chairs, quirky ceramic cookie jars and vases in bright colours, all made in japan, tea pots and tea cups made in England and a piece or two of Diana ware – preferably jugs with white polka dots, lovely rustic kitchen scales and well – I could go on and on. One day I’ll post some photos so you can all see for yourself!

Still, I must say that even though I love to look and reminisce about a vintage life when things seemed somewhat simpler and more wholesome – I wouldn’t trade for the world all the lovely modern toys I get to play with – like my fancy pants finger operated sewing machine – my front loading washing machine (how on earth would I felt all my woollen jumpers like I do – if I didn’t have that baby), the computer which connects me and my business to the world and dare I say it – the rather large television which is fabulous for watching movies on – when I am just too tired to sew one more stitch.

I must admit though – the concept of bottling fruit in the lounge is still somewhat a-peeling. And dare I say – still quite novel. What a marvelous idea! Especially when you have no room in your kitchen……