Friday 1 March 2013

A Piece of Cloth

A few months ago the lovely Liz Jones (Betty Jo) from Gleaners Inc. invited me to be a part of their first exhibition for 2013 entitled "A Piece of Cloth”.

I always love the opportunity to create something different to my ‘everyday’ work. Something unique, something that is only one of and not the multiples that I usually make. So I jumped at the opportunity and said ‘yes please!’

I was given a square of vintage fabric and as part of the brief I was asked to respond to the fabric, ie; the pattern, the texture or the colour palette, by creating a finished piece incorporating or referencing the scrap.

I had so many ideas and I thought so much time…but life and small business can get in the way! the end my appliqued interpretation of the main flower was incorporated into an embroidery hoop for a wall hanging…and not a scarf as was the plan. Still it was lovely to get involved and I am just amazed at the creativity of the other designers, artists and crafters who have offered up their work. Just gorgeous!

The show is a part of the L’Oreal MelbourneFashion Festival’s Cultural Program and opens on Friday 8 March at 6pm at Gleaners Inc. – 2 Ballarat Street, Brunswick. More information here!