Sunday 31 October 2010


For my eleventh birthday Mum and Dad gave me my very own stereo. I was without a doubt totally stoked to have this boom box. I already had a number of very cool records like Thru the Roof ’83, Throbbin ’84 and Hits Huge ’85 (remember those!) and I had earlier discovered Mum and Dad’s record collection and so was into making mixtapes of songs from the various records I liked. Being able to play music in my room with the door shut though was very very cool.

Part of my early discoveries in the quite diverse record collection of my parents was an album called ‘Kaya’ by Bob Marley & the Wailers. What a discovery! I’m not sure which parent was responsible for that particular purchase – but I was thoroughly hooked!

Fast forward a number of years and that easy skanking reggae LOVE was truly embedded. My 21st birthday brought a special 4 disc book set called Songs of Freedom which spanned Bob’s entire musical history. To this day it has been played and loved and played some more. Many an afternoon has been spent sewing and singing my heart out with Bob. 

What a man! Gotta love that reggae groove!

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Lark said...

Yay, I am a huge reggae fan too, I have been trying to introduce my boys to Bob Marley, with little success yet but I'll keep trying. I also love ska and rock steady. xx