Wednesday 15 February 2012

Tea cups and Trade fairs

Some of my crazy tea set
Petits Fours at Craigs Royal Hotel

Well it’s that time of year again – when my focus and time has been completely gobbled up by my stand at the impending trade show Life in Style. This will be my second time showing in Sydney and I am excited (and somewhat tired) having been planning and making stock for what seems like months now.

As a treat I decided that it would be nice to indulge myself with an afternoon tea with various lovely ladies I have met since I moved to Ballarat. We gathered on Sunday afternoon in the grand dining room at Craigs Royal Hotel and whilst chatting and catching up we dined on lovely finger sandwiches’, scones with jam & cream and delicious little petits fours. Yum yum!

Gatherings of women combined with delicious things to eat – seems to be something that I enjoy (although I must admit I do not do often enough). It reminds me of the kitchen tea we held in honour of my impending marriage. The guests all brought along a tea cup and saucer as a gift for me and the story of where it came from (the op shop, their own collection, new or antique) and why they had chosen to give it to me was written in a special book to commemorate the occasion and the beginnings of my crazy tea set were born.

I love my crazy tea set with all the different cups and saucers, cake plates, tea pots, sugar bowls and milk jugs. Of course I do not use it often – but when I do, I remember that afternoon when all those women most dear to me gathered to celebrate my special day. It was fun, it was loud and there was lots of laughter.

Perhaps when I get back from Life in Style I will get out a gorgeous tea pot and tea cup and make myself a lovely cup of tea. Now there’s an idea!