Monday 17 October 2011


It was in my early twenties on a trip through Mexico that I first really came across cactus growing out in its natural habitat.

The best known succulents are cacti and virtually all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti! Only succulent plants with spines can be called Cacti or Cactus!

Anyway, when I came home from that trip to Mexico – I was all inspired to grow and cultivate succulents and cacti and so over the years I have bought various species from nurseries and markets and of course have sneaked little cuttings here and there in my travels.

The beauty of these plants is of course that they are particularly hardy and easy to cultivate, they require little water and for all intent and purposes they pretty well look after themselves. And for a busy crafty mumma like me – that’s a good deal I reckon!

Over the years as I have re-potted my collection and moved house a number of times – I have been able to pass on little babies and duplicates potted up in recycled tomato tins to friends – spreading the love so to speak!

A couple of months ago we went down to Geelong for the day on a family outing with friends. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the afternoon was spent having afternoon tea and a lovely stroll around the Geelong Botanic Gardens. My husband Sam spotted the cactus a mile away and knowing my affection for these spiky creatures took a few snaps. They are great aren’t they and just a little humorous! Especially those really hairy ones…I’d love to sneak a couple of googly eyes on him when no one was looking!