Sunday 19 June 2011

Starting to take shape

Ever since we moved here back in January - I have been living without my fabric cupboard. It has at times been so frustrating - I can't even begin to tell you. Pulling out cardboard boxes and trying to rummage through the contents to find that exact fabric you need to finish the job is not fun. BUT....over the last few days - my office and sewing room has finally been finished and my beautiful red fabric cupboard has been moved into the place I had envisaged for so long!

The best part of course was unpacking my stash and after 6 months plus of separation - I found that I had become unattached to quite a large part of my collection. This is a good thing because - this means that lots and lots of the linen souvenir tea towels, vintage fabrics and table cloths that I have collected over the years are going to be sold in the Crafty Squirrel shop

The other exciting part of having this space finished is of course the opportunity for me to decorate it with all my favourite things! Two of which are my brand new Cath Kidston sewing boxes! Made from felt - one is a town house and the other a gypsy caravan. I just absolutely LOVE them and can't wait to fill them with all my sewing essentials!

So as you can see - things are really starting to take shape now on the Crafty Squirrel front. I still have lots and lots of sorting and pricing and setting up to do - but I am definitely getting there. I can't wait to the day when I can say - the shop is open! Come for a visit! I won't be long now!
All vintage on one side and quilting fabrics on the other!

Vintage details