Sunday 25 September 2011

Visit me at the Royal Melbourne Show!

My daughter Kitty at the Royal Melbourne Show
When I was a kid - I loved going to the Royal Melbourne Show (RMS) in the September School holidays. The showbags, cupie dolls on sticks, baby animals, dagwood dogs dipped in sauce and of course the Arts and Crafts pavilion - were just some of my favourite things.

I also liked going on some of the rides - but to be honest lots of them just made me feel sick especially after eating a dagwood dog!

In my previous event management life, every year come September - I would work in the Government pavilion running one activity or another. It was always fun and of course I had to get a showbag and a cupie doll on a stick but somehow I couldn't quite bring myself to eat a dagwood dog - funny how your tastes change as you get older!

Now that I have two kiddly winks of my own - I have been able to take them to the Show pretty well every year to hang out for the day and do all of those things that kids LOVE to do!

Over the last few years I have also entered some of my craft work into the Art & Craft competitions and displays - and so it is always fun to go and see it on show among all the other entries.

This year - our visit to the show will be a little different! This year in conjunction with the Maribyrnong Makers Market (MMM) - I will be having a stall in Makers Alley in the Art & Craft Pavilion. I am super excited to be involved in this exciting initiative brought together collaboratively with the RMS and the MMM.

You can come and visit me at the Show this Sunday! I will be there ALL Day!! One super duper long day!!

Sunday 2 October
Open 9.30am to 8pm
in the Art & Craft Pavilion
at the Royal Melbourne Show

Love to see you there!

Friday 9 September 2011

Mini Hills Hoists

Finally my parcel arrived!

It was about 10 years ago now that I first clapped eyes on a mini hills hoist toy clothes line, c 1955. It was in the front window of a little antique shop long gone on Gamon Street, Seddon. 
I was completely and utterly enamored. It was in fair condition but the $350 price tag at the time was just a little out of my league…I mean what would a woman in her mid twenties with no children do with a mini clothesline? Really?!
So – I just visited this gorgeous toy and took various friends and family to look at it until one day it wasn’t there anymore and I had a momentary feeling of regret. So as these things often play out – ever since then I have been on the lookout for one.
As I started to have stalls at craft markets and thought of using one as a display prop and then of course had children and was surrounded by a collection of all things ‘miniature’ namely mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and kitchen toys – the desire to ‘own’ a mini hills hoist became more tangible.

After a bit of research, I did discover a toy company in South Australia called ‘Orbitwho made a similar replica of the rotary clothesline - slightly larger though and without the trademark winder of the hills hoist. I bought one of these and over the last 7 years it has been used and commented on countless times. Still it wasn’t the real deal as far as I was concerned and my hunt continued.

Over the years I did find a few in my travels mainly on ebay. In various states most were quite weathered and had been left outside – unloved for many years. A number of times I put in a good go in terms of bidding but then stopped short when it got up to that $350 mark…I just couldn’t bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for something that was a bit rusty and bent around the edges. The last time I missed out on one it ended up going for close to $500. I was astounded! 

Then – as always happens to those who wait (good things that is). I finally came across one in the USA, thanks to ebay. Still in its original box unopened I might add…..and with assorted pamphlets, brochures and photos. I couldn’t quite believe my luck. The postage quote was almost as much as the opening bid price but still if I could get it for the opening bid price – I was set to get a total bargain and brand new vintage at that!

The provenance of this little gem was due to a man who had been a Hills Hoist salesman in the late 50’s early 60’s. He’d saved two of the mini ones unopened along with an assortment of papers for more than 50 years before on selling them to a man who opened and assembled one for himself and then put the other one on ebay. To cut a long story short – I won the auction at the opening bid price and finally my little mini clothesline was on its way to be with me! Yay!!

I have heard a few stories about why Hills made the small working model – apparently to begin with they were given to kindergartens as they wanted little girls to get used to hanging out the clothes! The other story goes that they were also used by door to door salesman as a demonstration aid when selling to housewives.

The last 3 weeks I have checked the mail over and over again in anticipation…finally when my little beauty arrived – I was beside myself with excitement – opening the box was almost too much to bear - only because they say that once you open the box the value drops dramatically – but still the thought of setting her up on display in the Crafty Squirrel and being able to see her everyday was enough to get me to slice open that box.

I feel such contentment……it’s been a long wait. Now I just want a giant wooden ruler…….
I love the little winding handle...

All set up in The Crafty Squirrel!

Friday 2 September 2011

Spring Sale!

Maribyrnong Makers Market - Seddon
Everyone loves a sale right?! 

I know I do – theres nothing quite like nabbing yourself a bargain! Well I’m happy to say for the third year in a row I am gearing up for my Super Spring Sale!

I have been really busy clearing out the studio to make room for the new and I have gathered all my bits and bobs together to bring along to my next market stall at my all time favourite market – the Maribyrnong Makers Market!
Yours truly....

With up to 60% off my retail prices – you really can’t go wrong! 

Mumma Bushkas $40, Scarves $40, Baby Blankets $60, beautiful ceramic rainbow bead necklaces $40, Bushka baby rattles $10, Ear hats $20, new Cast offs vintage tea towel bags $45 and lots more! Eftpos and Credit card accepted.

Come and see me on Saturday 17 September 9.30am to 3.30pm only at the Maribyrnong Makers Market!

Seddon Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Gamon & Mackay Sts, Seddon
Mel Ref: 42 A7

Love to see you there!