Monday 10 May 2010

1950's domestic illustrations

I love coming across old magazines from the 1950’s and 60’s at the op shop – I always love flicking through the yellowing pages to find the illustrative gems that at the time were oh so modern and new! With headings like – Automagically - the gift every woman wants – for a new washing machine to Bottling Fruit in the Lounge? Who would have thought!

The vintage style of the illustrations and the gorgeous colours really appeal to me – I suppose the ads and magazines in general are just an extension of the things I LOVE to collect. My kitchen (whilst overflowing with collected treasures) is an ode to the time when kitchen dressers with bakelite handles were standard fare, laminex and chrome kitchen tables with two tone matching vinyl chairs, quirky ceramic cookie jars and vases in bright colours, all made in japan, tea pots and tea cups made in England and a piece or two of Diana ware – preferably jugs with white polka dots, lovely rustic kitchen scales and well – I could go on and on. One day I’ll post some photos so you can all see for yourself!

Still, I must say that even though I love to look and reminisce about a vintage life when things seemed somewhat simpler and more wholesome – I wouldn’t trade for the world all the lovely modern toys I get to play with – like my fancy pants finger operated sewing machine – my front loading washing machine (how on earth would I felt all my woollen jumpers like I do – if I didn’t have that baby), the computer which connects me and my business to the world and dare I say it – the rather large television which is fabulous for watching movies on – when I am just too tired to sew one more stitch.

I must admit though – the concept of bottling fruit in the lounge is still somewhat a-peeling. And dare I say – still quite novel. What a marvelous idea! Especially when you have no room in your kitchen……



This are gorgeous, Morgan!
'The thoroughbred of lipsticks'?
Love it!

Two lovely shots of your delightful goods are in the modish post I did for the indie blog. It went live today.

Hope you like,

india flint said...

when i was little [in the 60s]
those wafers constituted a special treat
i don't think i'd put something like that in my mouth anymore!
more sighs.