Tuesday 24 February 2009


When I was a girl, my Mother had a big glass jar filled with all sorts of buttons. I used to spend hours sorting them into different colours and styles and running my hands through them. I loved them.

I remember there were a couple of silver buttons with boats or something on them – to me they were the most special. Like something from a Captains treasure chest, which a pirate might steal on the open sea. My Mother doesn’t know this but one of those buttons was among the very special things I put into a time capsule and buried in the backyard of our family home. I wonder if anyone ever found it?

Anyway, I found these buttons about 8 years ago in a box of junk at the Dandenong Trash & Treasure Market. I remember the feeling when I saw them – and couldn’t believe all the buttons were still on the backing cards and they were in perfect condition. From memory they cost me the grand sum of $1 each. What a find!

Monday 16 February 2009

Bob Dylan

I must have been about 16 when I discovered Bob Dylan. His lyrics are what did it for me. I then went to see him in concert when I was in my twenties – and was so disappointed. He just stood there singing to his feet and mumbling. It’s funny that I am a child of the 70’s and yet the music of the 60’s is what really resonates with me……I suppose it isn’t that funny when I think about the records I grew up playing as a kid.

For Christmas this year I splashed out and bought myself a new record player. I have quite a record collection and had been lamenting for a few years that I couldn’t play them. Kitty & I have been putting records on during the day and dancing around the dining room. Milo thinks its great fun too. I have such fond memories of playing Mum & Dad’s records when I was a kid and making up dances. I think at one stage I even charged my parents to come and see my performance. Ever the entrepreneur!

Tuesday 10 February 2009


It was around 1990 when I first discovered woollen blankets in op shops. I found the one above and decided that I loved it so much I wanted to wear it. I drafted up a pattern on brown craft paper and my first “Blanket Jumper” was born. I was 16 and had a surfer dude boyfriend with long blonde dreadlocks. We had matching blanket jumpers – well actually I wore the one above and I made him one out of a grey army blanket. Very cool dude…or should I say warm dude……anyway my love of blankets has just progressed from there really.

At one stage I thought I was going to make a business out of selling blanket jumpers to friends and family. I was 16 remember and it was the 90’s.

Funnily enough I now have a business recycling woollen jumpers…which is not too dissimilar to woollen blankets!

Sunday 1 February 2009


On the week-end when I was setting up this photo I realized that between Sam, Kitty and myself we have 13 pairs of Birkenstocks (baby Milo is yet to get his first pair!). Sam has 4 pairs, Kitty has 2 and that must mean I have 7 pairs! One for everyday of the week!

I think we might have to look at changing our surname to Birkenstock. Morgan, Sam, Kitty & Milo Birkenstock. It does have a certain ring to it! I wonder if Birkenstock would bestow us with as many pairs of shoes as we liked if we did that. I can only dream.

If you haven’t already figured it out – it is not only me that LOVES Birkies in this house it is US! To me they are the most comfortable shoes you can buy. I remember when I saw my first pair though. It was the early nineties and my friend Julien (now my brother-in-law) came back from a trip to Europe sporting some. I was horrified. “What on earth are you wearing on your feet?” I said. I am funny like that – I often poo poo things and then somewhere along the line they become a number one love. A bit like Blogs!