Sunday, 30 November 2008

100 things that make my heart sing

Advent Calendars, Aga wood stoves, A-line skirts, Anodised Aluminium, Apples, Author Paulo Coelho, Babushkas, Band-Aids with pictures, Basil, Birkenstocks, Blankets, Bob Dylan, Buttons, Cake stands, Calico, Cardigans, Cats, Champagne, Coffee first thing in the morning, Colour, Craft markets, Creeks, Crochet, Cubby houses, Cyclamens, Dark Chocolate, Dinosaur Designs, Dolls houses, Dr Seuss, Dress ups, Empire line dresses, Felt beads, Fornasetti faces, Frangelico, Gaudi, Gina Garan dolls, Gingerbread houses, Golden books, Grant Featherston furniture, Grass Roots magazine, Haighs Chocolate frogs, Inari, Japan, Karmann Ghias, Kewpie dolls, Kilt pins, Kitsch religious iconography, Laminex tables, Lanterns, Laughing, Lavender, Le Cruset, Lip gloss, MAC Cosmetics, Magdalena, Marrimekko, Metallicus, Mirka Mora, My children - Kitty & Milo, My husband Sam, 1950’s domestic illustrations, 1950’s kitchenalia, Op shops, OutrĂ© Gallery, Paper dolls, Pegs, Pocky, Rae Hamon (NZ Artist), Ramen noodles, Recycling, Red hair, Reggae, Rosewater spray, Scarves, Sewing machines, Shinto shrines, Silver jewellery, Singing silly songs, Soap, Succulents, Tapas, Tea cups, Tea towels, The Beatles, The number 22, The sound of my children laughing, Tiny drawers, Toad in a hole, Trees, Tupperware, Valiants, Veggie gardens, Vince Jones, Vintage sugar bowls, Wedding Kimono Fabric, Wicker washing baskets, Winter solstice, Wonton noodle soup, Yum Cha, Zucchinis.


Anonymous said...

I think I have a 95% hit rate of your top 100 favorite things! I also love: old glass jars, vintage postcards and love letters, teapots, enamel kitchenalia, embroidery, birdcages, golliwogs, jars of old glass marbles, crochet blankets, white cotton nighties, chamomile tea and pompoms.
X Stef

Morgan Wills said...

Yay! You know what....I also love everything you have listed! I can see now that my list may well go over the top 100! It may end up being 1,000 things that make my heart sing! Wow!

Laura said...

I'm not sure I have ever written on a blog before but - having just drifted to yours from a link on a Magnolia Square email - I am compelled to! I have a million things that I should be doing (my 15 month old has just gone to sleep and this is my 4 year old's long day at kinder) but I have been reading your blog with my jaw on the floor!
I just can't believe how much I recognise with your '100 things that make my heart sing'. I have a mere 4 pairs of birkis and my husband has 3. I love all things apple shaped (and am incredibly jealous of your collection), and I LOVE Agas, Dylan, Babushkas (have you been to the babushka shop in the City?), Champagne, Dinosaur (in a big way!), Marimekko, Featherston, Gingerbread houses (we made a great one at Xmas), Silver jewellery - the list goes on!
Just thinking about it off the top of my head I would add Camper shoes (the boots are the most comfortable in the world), Art Deco, Scandanavian design, 1950's furniture, the colours red, black and white (especially all together), crocs, jeans, bakelite, polka-dots, vintage baby clothes, poppies and irises (because that's what my girls are named after!)
I know I am rambling now... I just feel like I have 'met' a kindred spirit (to quote "Anne of Green Gables - which I love as well!!)
I'll stop now - look forward to hearing more of your heart singing!
Laura x

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks Laura! What a fabulous comment to get on my blog! It really makes my heart sing when I meet such a like minded gal as yourself. If you come to Magnolia - make sure you say 'Hi'! I too love Campers (I have about 4 pairs) and all the things you list. I think you and Stef have given me inspiration for the next 'top 100' list...

Lisa H said...

Hi Morgan, I knew that there was something that drew me to your personality, but I thought it was your love and passion for many of the same things as me. Your list could almost be mine, but it was when I read the word 'Valiants' that the light bulb clicked on. I love them. My dad always had them and they were his pride and joy. My hubby loves Studebakers, but many times I have tried to get him to buy a Valiant that we could restore, but so far no luck. One day I am just going to do it and have a go myself. Look forward to seeing you at the market on Saturday as I will be in the area. I hope my button cushion is still available. Cheers, Lisa.