Monday, 22 December 2008

Anodised Aluminium

I am a complete Bowerbird. From the moment I discovered Op Shops at about the age of 14, I discovered all sorts of shiny riches just wanting me to take them home. Anodised Aluminium had a particular allure.

It started off with things like teapots, milk jugs & sugar bowls and went on to trays, flour sifters, colanders, kitchen utensils, soda siphons (of which I have about 50), measuring cups, picnic cup sets and lunch box tins. Dare I say more?

My cupboards are overflowing with twenty years of accumulated treasures. I bet my children grow up to be minimalists. I am definitely a maximalist.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter Kitty. She is 4 today. Hip hip hooray!

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