Tuesday, 17 March 2009


My favourite item of clothing other then A-Line skirts would have to be the cardigan. My uniform therefore is an A-Line skirt, a t-shirt with a cardigan over the top and a pair of Birkenstocks. You’ll be able to spot me a mile away now. The gorgeous red cardigan pictured above was a recent gift from my lovely husband. He is such a gem and knows exactly what I like!

The history of the cardigan began in the mid 1800's during the Crimean War. James Thomas Brudenell was the 7th Earl of Cardigan - and he is who this versatile garment was named after. In this day and age though I am slightly suspicious of a man wearing a cardigan…..I wonder when women started to wear them?

Anyway thank goodness for the 7th Earl of Cardigan – if it wasn’t for him….what would I wear! At last count I had about 15. They are on a pretty good rotation; however there is always one (like the one above) that gets a good airing more often then the others.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darl

I JUST LOVE THE COLOUR of your cardigan, but it looks so lonely on the headless dummy in the photo – perhaps it needs a friend – maybe a hat? Or a scarf? Or a necklace? Or all three?

What excellent taste your lovely Sam has!

Are you a member of the Purple and Red Society by any chance??


Kelly Gunn said...

I too love cardigans, they are the perfect item of clothing for Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn! I Must have over 20 cardigans in all colors of the rainbow that I wear on a regular basis………….

I can’t remember wearing them as a child, but I remember buying 1 of my first from an Op-Shop as an early teenager that was Mustard Yellow, quite heavy weight with a V neck. I loved wearing it with a black top and black leggings with my Egyptian style black eyeliner…….. I thought I looked a treat!! (Lol) Well here we are nearly 20 years later and my love of cardigans is still going strong…

Hooray for Cardigans…………….

Jenaveve said...

Cardigans are most definitely a must in my wardrobe, though I don't have an awful lot of them... they are mostly black or that striking color red. Yay to the inventor of cardigans!!