Wednesday 24 June 2009

Dress ups

My Sister Kelly and I loved dressing up when we were kids and doing ‘performances’. Mum filled a basket with some of her old ‘pre baby’ cast offs – one of which was a very slinky, early 70’s halter neck mini dress with red, blue and gold stripes and a ruffle around the hem. Very Brazilian Mardi Gras or perhaps I should say 70’s disco, anyway that was definitely one of my favourites! I would love to know what happened to it!

I think life is in some ways like a big game of dress ups. Whether you are ‘dressing up’ to go for a night out on the town, or to a wedding or even just to go to work or to take the kids to the supermarket. Choosing and putting clothing on your body is the everyday ‘art’ of dress ups. When you don your ‘outfit’ you are choosing to present yourself to the world in a particular way (or fashion) and different outfits can allow you to behave in different ways or to feel different in or about yourself.

When I was in Tokyo I marveled at the girls who chose to dress themselves up as Manga like characters or Walt Disney meets Japanese punk rock characters – it was so ‘out-there’ and yet so refreshingly creative and brave. I admired them (and took photos of them!)

From the moment my daughter Kitty could walk and talk she has been a keen partaker of the big dress up basket I made for her. The thing I love about her dress ups is that she doesn’t hold back. Often she will come out in some amazing layered creation where she has a bit of everything on and sing me a song, tell me a story or just dance around. The photos above show just a small snippet of her fun dress up times and before I know it baby Milo will be joining in on the act! What fun to be had!


Sarah S-B said...

I enjoy putting on new outfits & feeling happy! My girls love dressing up too, it's fun to watch their styles unfold. I too have given them pre-pregnancy clothes for their collection!!

Morgan Wills said...

Dressing up is fun hey! Thanks for stopping by Sarah :-)