Monday, 20 July 2009


It was my 23rd birthday and I was out on the town with those nearest and dearest to me – whooping it up and generally partying until the wee hours - as I was prone to doing way back then…….when one of my dear mates Dru bought me a ‘birthday drink’ to celebrate. It was one of his favourites and I had never tried it…..needless to say from the moment I had my first sip – I was smitten…..a shot of Frangelico on ice with lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice. What a treat!

Apparently the origins of Frangelico date back more than 300 years to the existence of early Christian monks living in the hills of Northern Italy. It is made by crumbling up hazelnuts and combining them with cocoa and vanilla. What a heavenly nectar!


Trish Gavegan said...

Hey Darl

I discovered Frangelico (on the rocks) sometime in the early 80’s when your Dad and I were out on the town with a group of friends – while I can’t recall having it since, I have never forgotten the memory of that divinely delicious nectar of the gods

You and I will have to share a glass or two sometime soon…….. I’m sure we can find something to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Ohh!! Yummi - must try :)