Thursday, 13 August 2009

Gina Garan Dolls

I had seen Blythe dolls in books and on products like badges and purses but it wasn’t until I went to Japan that I saw my first Blythe doll in real life. They were amazing and seemed to be everywhere I looked. I was tempted to buy one – but there was so much for me to spend my money on and in the end she lost out to the ridiculous amount of other things that caught my eye….and I can tell you the $800 in excess luggage they tried to sting me with at the airport put my negotiating skills to good use – I think I managed to halve it – but still what a shocker that was. Anyway I digress…..

A few years later I caught wind of some exciting news – the photographer Gina Garan, of This is Blythe fame, had designed ‘ginagirls’ in collaboration with the well-known Australian artist Christina Gordon.

I had to have one….and of course, I wanted them all – but that was ridiculous, for anyone that knows me….my life is already somewhat cluttered with the trinkets I have found in my travels, and if I adopted all the girls – well, where would they live? So, my husband being the lovely man he is – chose Nico (the ginger girl) and gave her to me for our second wedding anniversary.

She now hangs out on the mantelpiece (with lots of my other very special treasures) in the living room on her own custom made silver chaise lounge and recently has acquired, by way of a gift - a miniature Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck……..if you don’t mind. She is one stylish girl!

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