Monday, 28 September 2009

Haighs Chocolate Frogs

For years I worked in Melbourne’s CBD – everyday I’d make the journey into the city by train, walking from the station to work and back again. One of the hazards of this journey was passing the Haighs Chocolate shop on Collins Street and if I went up to Chinatown for one of my favourite lunches - Dumpling noodle soup – I’d journey past the Haighs shop on Swanston Street.

From my first ever taste - those chocolate frogs became almost an obsession. I would buy a bag to share with work colleagues during afternoon tea or a meeting….supposedly to keep the morale of the team up, but all it did was made me crave them even more.

Friends and colleagues would buy me a bag for my desk drawer so that I could have a little pick me up if I was feeling low….the problem with that though is you get into the habit of having a little ‘pick me up’ nibble everyday and before you know it….well we know what happens to ‘pears’ if they indulge too much…..they become ‘oranges’.

Now that I work from home – I don’t have the opportunity or it seems the time to even think about eating chocolate frogs – so they have been put in the ‘treat’ category. It seems the only time I really get to eat them is if some kind, lovely, generous person buys me a bag as a gift….hint, hint…oh and I LOVE the super-duper giant green foil wrapped ones too……..


Lark said...

Oh I agree, they are totally delicious! xxx I lived in Adelaide for a while, and Haigh's are everywhere, very difficult to walk past!

admin said...

Those super duper frogs are my FAV!! I could eat one in a day - but of course I would never do that!?!!! I live about an hours drive from the nearest Haighs which is probably a good thing!:)

Anonymous said...

thank you Morgan Wills for sharing your story. your life story is parallel to mine from a country existence to a big city and then to a whole new world of wonderment. nevertheless those country or better still experiences and exposures were responsible for my full on participation in the country i can now call my own for the last 20 years. never ever did i dreamt of having the most sophisticated thus significant life in my new adopted land, and thanks to my village and grassroots environment and atmosphere. I never take for granted who I truly am and this was the difference. Once again, thanks for caring to share. I truly appreciate it, my new acquaintance through your great blog. Godspeed my friend.