Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Karmann Ghias

We have just got back from a lovely beach holiday in Apollo Bay. For anyone that knows this neck of the woods – a big part of the journey (my husband says ‘half the holiday is the getting there – so you may as well enjoy it’) is the drive down an amazing stretch of coastline called the Great Ocean Road.

And it is just that – a road that twists and turns along a cliff side overlooking the most beautiful coastline and ocean. The perfect kind of drive to be done in a Karmann Ghia…..which apparently is also known as ‘the poor man’s Porsche’.

The thing with being a Mother of small children though is that cars like Karmann Ghias – are just not at all practical. Let’s face it – the only reason I traded in my beautiful, white 1963 AP5 Valiant (I actually cried when the man who bought her came to take her away) is because I was about to become a Mother. And well, Mothers don’t tend to drive their new born babies around in old Valiants or Karmann Ghias for that matter.

Now that I have two children and a business that requires me to often cart around a whole lot of STUFF – my chances of having my very own red poor man’s Porsche is just going to have to wait………but as they say – ‘NEVER say NEVER’!

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Frankie and Ray said...

Hello! Just catching up with your latest. So nice to see you in my neck of the woods, and so glad you enjoyed the beauty of 'the coast'!
Looking forward to seeing you very soon.