Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lip Gloss

My addiction to lip gloss was innocently started at the tender age of 5. You see – one of our neighbours was an Avon lady and she kindly gave me a strawberry lip gloss as a gift one day, as my lips had got very dry in the wind. I still remember how thrilled I was to be given such a grown up thing. What made it even better was the fact that it coloured your lips a little red as well as smelling nice – so in my mind - it was just like lipstick. Very, very fancy indeed.

I rushed home to show it off to my Mother – yippee! As time went on my little kinder buddy Ella acquired her own lip gloss too. Hers was a watermelon flavoured Lip Smacker. She knew how taken I was with lip gloss - so offered me a try of hers – I was hooked. Back home to Mum – to request that she buy me a lip smacker too. I think my first flavour was cherry followed closely by watermelon and well it all just goes on from there really – one very, very long line of lip gloss.

I have spent a good proportion of my life applying lip gloss (I’d hate to think how much I may have digested over the years). I usually have at least 3 or 4 different flavours on the go at any given time. A few years ago – Bonne Bell released a giant lip smacker. I was absolutely delighted when I saw it (I have a real thing about everyday objects in miniature form or giant form for that matter) – so of course I bought a few and posted one off to Ella with a little note of friendship appreciation and of course a little reminder of the 5 year olds we used to be.

Now that I’m a grown up my tastes have changed somewhat and my number one favourite is the Palmers Dark Chocolate & Peppermint combo….a little lip treat every time – but thank goodness - without the calories!

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Kelly Gunn said...

Hi Morg,

Lip Gloss!!! Too cute…….. I must say I neglect my lips a little and If I apply anything now days it is usually boring old flavourless ‘Chap Stick’.
I remember you got me a giant ‘Lip Smacker’ something pink & fruity and friend’s daughters thought it was the coolest thing,until I lost it 
Cheers’s to having glossy, fruity well moisturised lips!! Lol…….. ox Kell