Thursday, 25 March 2010


Back in the mid 90’s I discovered a very cool top made out of stocking like stretchy material. I bought one in white and one in black and wore them layered under various tunic style tops and dresses. Metalicus was responsible and it was the beginning of a dear friendship that has lasted ever since.

Over this time I have purchased an article of clothing from one of their ranges most years and have built up quite a good collection. Of course the beauty in the styling of Metalicus garments is in the classic nature of the designs, the fabulous mix and match quality in how you can layer the garments together and the stunning colours they choose which always makes it hard to decide exactly what piece is calling to me the most.

Metalicus came about in 1992 when Melbourne designer Melma Hamesfeld was experimenting with stocking fabric and transformed one stretchy piece of material into a concept for the brand.

As the brand developed, so did the product offering and today their collection includes Cotton, Wool (my favourite of course!) and Bodytight, along with Mini & Miss Metalicus. I love the idea of Miss Kitty getting around in her own Mini Metalicus outfit. Super cute for sure.

The other thing I totally love about them is that the majority of the pieces I have – I have been able to wear through both my pregnancies and throughout the inevitable weight gains and losses that seem to be my lot in life. The other thing that also really amazes me is that they are still manufactured in Melbourne! Can you believe that! An international fashion label that has 400 stockists around Australia and 200 abroad with ever expanding plans to conquer the world…….and it still manufactures in my home town. You’ve gotta love that! Go Metalicus Go!


Kathee Gunn said...

A mutual love – love the kids versions in the pic !

Kath x

Anonymous said...

your blog is really eye catching and beautiful. Very creative designs of Metalicus clothing. Keep posting.