Monday, 18 October 2010


Last night my husband Sam gave me a bunch of flowers just ‘because’. He is like that - quite the romantic really and I sure am not complaining – in fact I feel completely blessed to have found such a man to share my path.

I got some prior warning from our daughter Kitty who had just been picked up from her Ballet class by Sam.

“Where’s Daddy”? I said to her when she had appeared in from the car and he was nowhere to be seen 10 mins later…. “I saw flowers in the car Mum” she said.

Eventually in he came soaking wet from the rain with this gorgeous arrangement that he had gathered from our garden and worked in with a lovely bunch of my favourite Ranunculus.

I just LOVE them. Thank you Sam xoxoxo


Kelly Gunn said...

Hi Morg,

Oooohhhhh this make’s my heart sing!!! You are a lucky woman, and he a lucky man….. Ox ox Kell

Sam Wills said...

You are right Kell; I am a very lucky Man; I feel most fortunate indeed... every day I am grateful for my life, my love and my family.

Your post Morgan has touched my heart and I am moved by it; thank you Sweet Love.

Sam xx

Laura Zavros said...

You guys are adorable. And, of course, I love ranunculas as well - just so colourful and happy! x

Juddie said...

Beautiful! Loveliness all round ...