Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rosewater spray

Part of my daily ritual is to spray a little mist of Rosewater on my face. I love the refreshing feeling and I love that it is my small moment in the day when I stop and smell the roses.

Do you take the time to smell the roses in your life? Or, are you so caught up with everything else that is going on that you simply don't have time to smell them?

Life truly is a blessing.  In my own life - I try to take a minute each day when I can just be. A minute where I can be calm and reflective. A minute when I try to be grateful for where I am, where I live and for my family and friends.

I am so grateful for what I have in my life and the abundance that is all around me. The fact that I get to live my life – in my own way, using my creative energies and skills to support my family and for the joy my children and husband bring with the words of love and arms full of cuddles I receive every day.

Remembering to take the time to stop just for a moment each day to thank the world, appreciate your blessings and love those around you - is smelling the fragrance of your life.

I choose to stop and smell the roses. Do you?

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