Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Good morning Winter

Frost on top of the car

I hope my garden survives the winter - and my current lack of attention!

Good morning Ballarat! Well, the sun is shining, the skies are clear but it is cold and crisp. This morning we woke to a blanket of frost over the garden and cars. What a sight - pretty but freezing. Thank goodness we have an awesome heater. 

Today is the beginning of my first winter in Ballarat. Everyone has warned me about how cold it gets here (at least five degrees cooler than Melbourne I'm told). So when my pals in Melbourne are freezing at 7 degrees - just think of me here at 2 degrees! 

Thankfully for me - I make scarves and blankets for a living - which seems absolutely perfect for this kind of climate. The best part of winter for me is deciding which colour Cast offs scarf to wear for the day!

My husband Sam and I have been working really hard the last few weeks trying to get the shop renovation complete. A succession of very late nights are starting to take its toll - but now that the walls have all had an undercoat - I can really start to see it all coming together. I don't think I will quite believe it - when it is all done.

My little corner shop 'The Crafty Squirrel' now has its own websiteblog and facebook page for you to check out. Also too in the coming weeks I will be releasing a whole new range of craft and sewing based products under the Crafty Squirrel label. You can get a sneak peek at a couple of these new products this Saturday when The Crafty Squirrel and I have a stall at the fabulous Daylesford Makers Market! Love to see you there.

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