Wednesday 2 May 2012

Confetti Scarf

Every year for the last 6 years or so - I have made a special scarf for the Scarf Festival run by the National Wool Museum in Geelong in partnership with Craft Victoria.

I always look forward to the opportunity to create something that is one of a kind, as mostly my day to day is about replicating products in my ranges.

This year's theme is - The Journey and the idea for the scarf maker is to create a textile exploration of what it means for each of us to travel. Inspired by daily trips, happy holidays and special sojourns, the theme examines the paths we choose and the extraordinary discoveries we make along the way.

Of course - the theme has been swirling around in my mind for months now - with all sorts of concepts and techniques I could use to express my thoughts. I knew I had to be true to my love of felted woollen jumpers and recycled materials and knew that the best way for me to conceptulise my thoughts was to go in to my studio with a dedicated time slot and play. 

My offering to the theme is called Confetti Scarf and here my artist statement reflects my thoughts;

Confetti Scarf
Confetti, confetti  - up in the air
Confetti, confetti – everywhere
My journey, my life - filled with memories of moments and passages of joy.
Colours, imprints and formations of impressions left on the subconscious by experience.
My marriage, the birth of my children, everyday laughter...shared minutes with those I love.
These are my confetti moments.

You can visit my scarf and hundreds more at The National Wool Museum, Geelong from 16 June to 2 September.


Lark said...

This is lovely, M! Has another year really gone by? x

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks :-)...I know almost another year! Crazy huh! xx