Friday 1 March 2013

A Piece of Cloth

A few months ago the lovely Liz Jones (Betty Jo) from Gleaners Inc. invited me to be a part of their first exhibition for 2013 entitled "A Piece of Cloth”.

I always love the opportunity to create something different to my ‘everyday’ work. Something unique, something that is only one of and not the multiples that I usually make. So I jumped at the opportunity and said ‘yes please!’

I was given a square of vintage fabric and as part of the brief I was asked to respond to the fabric, ie; the pattern, the texture or the colour palette, by creating a finished piece incorporating or referencing the scrap.

I had so many ideas and I thought so much time…but life and small business can get in the way! the end my appliqued interpretation of the main flower was incorporated into an embroidery hoop for a wall hanging…and not a scarf as was the plan. Still it was lovely to get involved and I am just amazed at the creativity of the other designers, artists and crafters who have offered up their work. Just gorgeous!

The show is a part of the L’Oreal MelbourneFashion Festival’s Cultural Program and opens on Friday 8 March at 6pm at Gleaners Inc. – 2 Ballarat Street, Brunswick. More information here!


sister outlaws said...

It's always good to get away from the usual creatvive small business work and do something else. I'm always very grateful for lovely Liz's group exhibition and the opportunity to do something different. Love you piece!

Dani said...

I managed to drop by this exhibit & see all the lovely work, including yours!

Just stopped by to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award to show appreciation for your blog. Pop on over to find out more ->

Dani @ waiting for banjo xx

Wedges online said...

I love these colorful pictures.