Tuesday, 24 February 2009


When I was a girl, my Mother had a big glass jar filled with all sorts of buttons. I used to spend hours sorting them into different colours and styles and running my hands through them. I loved them.

I remember there were a couple of silver buttons with boats or something on them – to me they were the most special. Like something from a Captains treasure chest, which a pirate might steal on the open sea. My Mother doesn’t know this but one of those buttons was among the very special things I put into a time capsule and buried in the backyard of our family home. I wonder if anyone ever found it?

Anyway, I found these buttons about 8 years ago in a box of junk at the Dandenong Trash & Treasure Market. I remember the feeling when I saw them – and couldn’t believe all the buttons were still on the backing cards and they were in perfect condition. From memory they cost me the grand sum of $1 each. What a find!


Anonymous said...

Oh my funny girl, you do make me laugh – did you really take that button without me knowing and bury it? Those silver buttons were 60’s vintage…… I used them when I made my boyfriend of the time a red wool Nehru jacket to wear when he played on stage in his band. You didn’t know I was a groupie did you?

I also made him several Nehru shirts with the stand up collars and epaulettes. We lived in Cooma and didn’t often have access to the latest fashions like those you’d buy in Merivale and Mr John (very Carnaby Street) so I designed and made a lot of our clothes.

Hmmm … I’d forgotten about my wardrobe full of dresses – mini kaftans with huge draping sleeves and A -line mini dresses with cut outs front, shoulders and back.

I remember how excited I was when I had the opportunity to go shopping in Sydney and the booty I came home with……black patent platform shoes with the widest,

squarest toes you’ve never seen! And a short, short bright purple satin mini skirt and battle jacket from a veeeerrrry groovy boutique……..

I’m sorry I don’t still have them……not that I would wear them now, but wouldn’t you girls have had fun with them. Then again, maybe not. The 80’s and 90’s were a very different time……..


Morgan Wills said...

Thanks Mum!

Yes – I really did bury one of those buttons in the backyard. In a tin or a jar (I can’t remember exactly) with all other funny bits and pieces in it. I think Ella & I did it together actually. I thought that button was valuable like treasure! Funny huh!


Louise said...

My mum had (and still has ) a big glass preserving jar of buttons! .. I made her bring it over the other week and I sorted through it ! .. scavenging a few treasures for my own !
Lou x

Morgan Wills said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing.