Tuesday, 5 May 2009


The art of crochet or should I say ‘craft’ of crochet has always fascinated me. When it is done well – it is truly amazing I think.

As a girl my mother always knitted….she could knit the most complicated stitches whilst watching tv – it was incredible, and also for a period of time (in the 70’s) was very skilled at Macramé. The whole family wore her fancy knits and the house was adorned in amazing beaded macramé wall hangings and decorative owls.

So…having told you this…you’d think that I too would possess these skills….but ohh… no…not me…..

I cannot crochet, I cannot knit and I cannot macramé. And it is not for want of desire to or trying. You see it’s all in the tension. My tension is tight. I have been taught how to crochet and knit at least ½ dozen times over my life and it always ends in tears.

I start out on a positive note, but just when my project seems to be going along nicely –somewhere from deep within, I doubt myself and my tension tightens and then well, its all downhill from there…..

Therefore, I can really, really appreciate the ‘fine art’ of crochet when I see it and the example above (for my apple collection) is a fantastic piece, spotted by my husband at the Maribyrnong Makers Market on the week-end. Crocheted by the very talented Rosalinda Casamento – who gets a gold star from me for executing her skill so well.


Kelly Gunn said...

Hi Morg,
I remember my absolute favorite jumper was a rainbow stripped knit that Mum made when I was about 6, it was so cosy & warm! She was ever so clever with those knitting needles!!!
I saw some gorgeous little crocheted critters in a magazine the other day and thought about giving it a go………. I wonder how my tension would be?
I too have been taught how to knit on more than several occasion but seem to always forget how to cast on & off!! So a very kind girlfriend recently brought me a DVD appropriately titled “How to Knit” So all going well something will be crafted this winter (lol)………………. Ox Kell

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks Kell, I remember that jumper too. So cute. Good luck with your knitting! Can’t wait to see what you make!


rosalinda said...

Hello Morgan,
I am glad the apple found a happy home, with so many others for company!
My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was in primary school: her name was Rosie & she lived at Clarke Street in Northcote (which explains my swing tag). Her home was filled with all the things every self-respecting grandmother should own: a black bakelite telephone; chrome & glass tea trolley; cherry-red anodised aluminium ice bucket - you get the idea. I try to reflect these things when I crochet.
Which brings me to MMM: such a great event & a chance for me to really refine what I am trying to 'say' with crochet (if it is possible to do such a thing).
Thanks for your kind words. Great site!

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks for stopping by Rosalinda! Keep up the good work :-)