Monday, 7 December 2009

Laminex Tables

I have always loved laminex kitchen tables. Of course my penchant for colour has probably got something to do with it. The vibrant, yellow, blue, green and red (my favourite) tables with their shiny chrome legs and trim – always seemed to sparkle to me – especially as a child when I was closer to the ground in height.

For years I searched for a red laminex kitchen table with matching chairs….they are difficult to come by these days – at least in the colour and condition I wanted. Finally one day the universe offered one up via a dear friend. The table set had been in his family for years. Bought new it lived in his grandfathers kitchen and then in his brothers kitchen before being adopted by me.

We live in an Art Deco styled white weatherboard house where the kitchen (located in the centre of the house) is definitely where all the action happens. The heart of our home then would surely have to be the red laminex table and chairs where our family sits down to share meals every day, craft activities are executed, cups of tea are drunk and newspapers read, conversations are exchanged and meals are prepared.

The chrome still shines, the table top has been wiped a thousand times and still looks good and the matching red and grey vinyl chairs could do with being re-upholstered but considering how old she is – I reckon she is doing a fine job of making our house a home.

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