Sunday, 13 December 2009


I have written before about the makeover I had done on my bedroom when I was about 11. I chose a sunny yellow colour paint for the walls and some lovely matching bed linen but I forgot to mention the new paper lantern I got, that hung in the middle of the ceiling. It was big and round – sky blue in colour with white fluffy clouds all over it. I would lie in bed and look up at it - delighted by the fact that it was made of paper and could fold down flat. I can’t remember where it came from – but I loved it and of course that was the beginning of my love of paper lanterns.

I have had various versions of the afore mentioned lantern – in an assortment of colours and sizes over the years and have also bought many of the decorative Chinese paper lanterns and hung lots of them along extended strings across the huge kitchen of an old shop I used to live in. I also think they are great for decorating the house during festive times – especially parties and I’m always on the lookout for different ones to add to my collection. One of the bonuses of course are that they are super cheap.

When I was in Japan – I saw heaps of different lanterns on mass – they were simply stunning and almost magical – when seen all lit up against the evening sky. I have also recently learnt of sky lanterns which are airborne paper lanterns that can be released into the night sky for aesthetic effect at lantern festivals or weddings (as an alternative to fireworks). A similar concept to hot air balloons, sky lanterns are made from a non-flammable bio-degradable rice paper and have a specially designed wick for burning. Once lit, the lantern rises up into the sky creating the most magical and exquisite scene. Then when the wick burns out the sky lantern just floats gracefully back down to earth. I wish I had known about them when I got married – they would have been perfect at our winter solstice wedding.

Paper lanterns have long been symbols of joy and celebration and that is definitely the feeling I get when I see them displayed on mass. They definitely make my heart sing.


Trish Gavegan said...

Hi Morgs

Do you know, I had quite forgotten about that gorgeous paper lantern you had in your bedroom. I loved it too 

Kell had one in her room as well, (umm – perhaps her’s was yellow or white??)

As I recall, they matched the colors / themes in both your rooms.

Your lantern was blue with clouds to match your very trendy and pretty lemon and blue doona cover and Kell’s somehow fitted with her ‘gelati’ themed doona cover – bought because she loved icecream so much…..

I can’t recall now where I found those pretty lanterns, though.

You have just reminded me of my own intrigue for paper lanterns too, with their exquisite ability to create an aura of magic and mystery


Unknown said...

Hello Ms Morgs
Another lovely post. A girl I know just directed the new Powderfinger clip - all about those lanterns you love. Thought you'd appreciate.

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks Am,
How gorgeous! I love them! Makes me want to have a party at night by a river so we can release some and marvel. Morgan x

millyandme said...

I love your blog :) It makes my heart sing hehe :)
I have passed on a Kreativ Blogger award to you.. keep up the good work!
Check it out on my blog :

Candice :)

drey said...

hi morgan,

was wondering if i could ask you something about felted beads DIY? would you be able to email me at ? thanks!!! -audrey