Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I LOVE Pocky. When I went to Japan – I was in Pocky heaven. They even have Pocky vending machines. I am always on the lookout for Almond Pocky which is my favourite and occasionally when I can find it my husband Sam gets a box of Men’s Pocky all to himself. Lucky duck.

Pocky was first sold in 1966, and consists of a biscuit stick coated with chocolate. It was named after the Japanese onomatopoetic word for the sound Pocky makes when bitten, pokkin (ポッキン). The original was followed by Almond Pocky in 1971 and Strawberry Pocky in 1977.

When I was coming home from Japan – flying out of Narita Airport - I spotted a large box of Giant Chocolate Pocky – which absolutely without a doubt – had to come home with me….even though I’d already almost got into fisty cuffs with the airline people about how much excess luggage I had and how much they were going to charge me (but that’s another story!).  And of course I still have the box – proudly on display in the kitchen - although the contents have long gone!

A related product I LOVE too is Pretz (I particularly LOVE Shrimp Pretz – but have only had this in Japan – can’t seem to find it here…..it goes very well with a nice cold Asahi – which is another fav of mine). Pretz is an unglazed version of Pocky, with flavors like tomato, pizza, and salad, as well as sweet flavors such as French toast.

If you are also a Pocky lover – you can do this silly little test which will determine what flavour Pocky you are……

What flavour Pocky are you?
it appears that I am……

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