Thursday, 29 July 2010

To market...

The chance to be creative and to work at home doing what I love is very rewarding. There are days when I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are also days when I feel like a factory piece worker – standing or sitting in the one spot for hours at a time – doing the most repetitive of activities. Yes – what I do and make – does end up being special, one off and unique….but the fact that I have to make 200 of a particular thing – which are all special, one off and unique – can be somewhat exhausting, if you know what I mean.

And why am I in a making frenzy do you ask? Well…that is because I am gearing up for a couple of weeks of back to back markets and my first ever foray into wholesale trade shows…..

I absolutely LOVE craft markets. I love having stalls at them and meeting all the lovely people who buy my work, those who stop for a chat about what I make and then tell me about what they make and the amazingly creative stallholders who I meet through running the
Maribyrnong Makers Market and being a stallholder at various markets around Melbourne.

One very special market that I love – is
Magnolia Square which will be the first cab off the rank for me on Thurs 5 to Sat 7 August at the Malvern Town Hall. Having been a retailer at Magnolia Square for the last 3 years and I would have to say – without a doubt that it always has the most beautifully presented stalls and products of any market I go to – an absolute must to visit! Hats off to founder Nic MacIsaac for dreaming up and running such a fabulous event.

Then on Sunday 8 August (no rest for the wicked they say….) – I have been invited by Craft Victoria to participate in their very special pop up
Craft Hatch market which will be held in the Atrium at Federation Square in Melbourne. I am really looking forward to this as there are some super talented fellow stallholders I am keen to meet – in particular Handmade Romance and The Craft Revival and also to catch up with the lovely Andrea from Odds & Ends Handmade (I have one of her gorgeous knitted cactus on my kitchen window sill) and Susan from Spin Spin to name a few.

Then on Monday – I bump in for
Life in Style (which runs from Tues 10 to Fri 13 August). LIS is a wholesale trade fair just for retailers – who come from all over Australia to source the best mix of beautiful designer brands sourced from a diverse range of companies featuring homewares, giftware, lifestyle and kids products. Bring it on I say!
So – wish me well…visit me if you like and if you’re wondering where I’ll be on Sat 14 August – I’ll be putting my feet up for a day, on the couch, with my very supportive husband and very patient children (well most of the time) for a good family movie and some well earned r&r. X 


Frankie and Ray said...

Oh Morgan, I think all of us craftspeople out here collectively just nodded emphatically! Sometimes it just gets a bit crazy, just as well we love it!
Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Unknown said...

Awh shucks Morgan. Thanks for giving me a little 'ol mention. I'm pretty excited to be doing Craft Hatch as part of the Craft Cubed program. I actually feel a little priveledged to be honest. But I know what you mean... just like you I'm working like a crazy woman to pump out lots of unique handmade lovelies in time. Thankfully I only have Craft Hatch in the next month and not anymore. Working fulltime as well as being a mum as well as being a wife as well as making and then selling my crafty wares can take its toll. Look forward to seeing you in the Atrium!

Anonymous said...

good luck at Life In style - Im sure it will be a huge success! x

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks guy's :-) Its so lovely to have supportive crafty friends who understand!! x

Evie said...

wow you are super busy with all of these markets! congratulations. i know how much work it took to do craft hatch while working full time so for you achieving all of this must be exhausting. heres to the well earned r&r on the 14th!! : )
thank you for your sweet mention too. it was so lovely to meet you yesterday. i will be at life instyle at some point for work too so i look forward to saying hi. all the best.
x evie