Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My 5 minutes...

On Saturday 28 August - I was lucky enough to be featured in the Melbourne Herald Sun Home Magazine. It was back in March of this year that I was first approached to be featured, it was May before I was interviewed and the photographer came to my home studio to do the shoot....and so by the time it was published in late August - it seemed as if it had all come together by magic!

The phone ran hot - as did my emails and I had quite a number of custom order enquiries, lots of sales on my website (which I now desperately need to re-stock!) and many an apple pincushion has made it's way off to sewers around the country - I love to think of all the lovely ladies out there, sewing away happily with their apple pincushions by their side.

Many thanks to everyone who sent lovely messages to say they had seen it in the paper and to friends who blogged about it - I must admit it was a lovely 5 minutes - if I do say so myself!


Frankie and Ray said...

Oh Morgan, I forgot to tell you I'd seen this, and how nice the piece was! My friend actually saved it for me as it was printed while we were away. Gorgeous pic of you and your lovely goodies! Thanks for another great day on Saturday, looking forward to seeing you again soon! Jo

Anonymous said...

Yay, congrats Morgan. Thats so great that it brought a flood of new customers! x lara

Kelly Gunn said...

Hey Morg,

Great looking article!! They took some beautiful photos and the shot of you is very cute ………….

You were always destined for FAME………. Morgan Marama Wills you are an Inspiration!!

Ox Kell

Lisa Powell said...

"I never buy the Sun but did so on that weekend only to find that us country bumkins don't get home magazine! Thanks for posting this and it's a lovely article, well done."

Lisa Widdop said...

"Great Stuff lovely Morgan!
A fantastic 'heads up' to the world about what a creative genuis you are! Well done you and your creations look Fabulous.

Lisa xox

rachel said...

Well done you!
I just wanted to say hi, and I like your blog.