Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ramen Noodles

I LOVE Ramen noodles….YUM! I don’t think they are particularly healthy for you though. Still I’m sure they are a lot better than lots of other junk foods I can think of.

When I was in Japan – I was in ramen heaven. The best ramen memory I have is of a little place just outside of Tokyo called Tobitaku where I stayed for a while with my Brother & Sister in-law who were there teaching english. They had got to know this great japanese punk rocker dude called ‘Caz’ who when he wasn’t playing punk rock in his band he was working in this teeny tiny ramen bar – where you placed an order by putting your money in a vending machine out the front, choosing the picture of the ramen you liked the best – waiting for your little ticket to print out and then taking it inside and giving it to him to cook up for you on the spot.

Mmmmm – I am having cravings just thinking about it – I particularly liked the one that had all different types of fresh seaweed in it – all kinds of amazing seaweed that you never see here. The photos above are actually ones I took in Osaka, which was another amazing Japanese food city – I wish I had one of the vending machine though - it was very cool.

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