Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scarf Admiration

General Edition Cast offs Scarves
The first product in my range that I ever made to sell was my Cast offs Scarves. Way back in 2004 I was playing around with some felted woollen jumpers that I had and I made one for my lovely husband Sam. He was chuffed and wore it all through the winter. I was chuffed that he wore it and that people asked him about it and commented on it.

A bit later down the track when I was pregnant with our daughter Kitty – I made her a baby cot blanket using a similar idea. One thing led to another and before I knew it my squirrel instincts had kicked in and I was collecting woollen jumpers here, there and everywhere. All these years later – my Cast offs scarves have evolved to become a true winter staple.

You won’t often see me without one on – and now that I have made the move to a colder climate – I think they will become even more of a permanent fixture! Funnily enough the customers I have met who have bought my scarves have all said similar things - in that they do not take them off during winter because they get so attached to them and then there are the poor souls that have misplaced them or heaven forbid left them on the train by accident and come to visit me at the market to share their story. I know tears have been shed over lost scarves.
Necklace Scarves from Body parts - Gaye Abandon
The thing is – I know of lots of other crafty types who also make scarves. My two favourites would have to be Gaye from Gaye Abandon who has become super well known for her lovely circles necklace scarf and Jo from Frankie and Ray who has designed and knits her own neck warmers out of the most gorgeous coloured wools and who also plays around with jumper felt and various fabric combos to great success.

I think one can never have too many scarves in their wardrobe – there is nothing quite like jazzing up your outfit with something that looks fantastic and keeps you toasty at the same time!

Stay wonderfully warm and woolly!
Frankie & Ray Scarf by the lovely Jo Dunsimur
Knitted by Jo from Frankie & Ray


Frankie and Ray said...

Hello Morgan! Big kisses to you, you sweet girl. The admiration is mutual! Oh, and congrats on a great time in Sydney, both as a seller and a buyer. Hoping to see you soon. Jo xx

Naturally Carol said...

I've just found you from a link at 'Seven Cherubs'...I love your crafts and sunny style..and am now your newest follower. You are more than welcome to pop over and visit me too when you have time. I love that rainbow of scarves on your post!