Sunday, 6 March 2011

Harvest time

Acorns ripe for the picking......
Shop renovations are underway!
As I sit here writing I can smell the most heavenly scent of home made pesto. Yum-o! The prospect of dinner is always good – but when you know the dinner has been created out of the bounty’s of your garden – it is even better!

Life is good – if somewhat hectic at the moment. The shop is undergoing quite the renovation and looks like a bomb hit it. We have certain deadlines of when things like walls need to be finished before the floor people can come and before the floor people can come the roof plumber needs to come and whilst this is all happening the Electrician needs to come and re-wire bits and then whilst he is here the Carpenter may as well come and build me a new front door and fix one of the leaky windows……you get the drift I ‘m sure.

The goal is for the shop to open at the end of May….lets hope that is the case because I have stock arriving here there and everywhere and quite frankly I just want to unpack already. I am sick of living out of boxes and having to open 20 boxes just to find the one thing that I am looking for!

On that note…..I must be off…dinner is being served (thank you kind man of the house).

And thank you to my gorgeous squirrel children who went acorn collecting on my behalf today. I love acorns!

Almost ready...yum!

Grow cob grow!

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Lark said...

Roll on May!