Wednesday 20 June 2012

The sound of my children laughing

I have to admit…there are a lot of silly shenanigans that go on in our house. We are generally a pretty silly lot and there is often something that happens that will set one of us off on a bit of a giggle.

I particularly love the sound of the kids laughing in delight. It is such a priceless noise and so hard to capture a recording of (believe me I have tried). I think the tricky thing is – once you have heard that sound and the kids have cottoned on to the fact that you are trying to record it – the sound of the laugh changes and becomes more put on. They do love a bit of a performance and really with parents like us it is no wonder!

There have been moments when I have witnessed a bit of rolling around on the ground in laughter and I remember this feeling when I was little – it doesn’t happen a lot in life that something takes your fancy so much it makes you cry – but when it does it feels really good and some of our day to day stresses and concerns are momentarily put into perspective somehow.

The sound is like pure delight. I think that’s why I love it so much.

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Heidrun said...

Found you at Craft Cube and say :
It 's great.

Many greetings from Bavaria!