Thursday 16 August 2012

Tiny drawers

I originally started this blog because I wanted to share with you 100 things I loved and why. It’s taken me a while but I’m now up to post 87 in things that make my heart sing and this one is definitely a favourite. Tiny drawers…yep…you heard right…I LOVE tiny drawers.

Over the years I have gathered quite the collection (funny that) of all sorts of tiny drawers. My favourites amongst them are various fabric covered ones I got in Japan. Also too the little sets of plywood drawers from Ikea have always been a favourite and also some I have made out of matchboxes stuck together – so cute.

However it was a recent gift of the 1950’s (made in japan) beauties above that really got me going. Originally doll house furniture – the tiny dresser with the movable mirrors and polka dot decoration on the drawer is just my idea of true gorgeousness!
Small drawers are for small things and one of my favourite sayings (seeing I am only 5ft2) is good things come in small packages or in this instance small drawers!

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