Saturday 29 September 2012

Good old fashioned fun

During the week we took the kids to the Royal Melbourne Show. I think I've been pretty much every year since I was a kid myself and you know if you turn a blind eye to the cheap and nasty stuff that is for sale and try not to get too overwhelmed by the crowds of people and the queues for rides - it is actually quite fun!

Of course - I love going because I get to have the best scones ever at the Country Womens Association (CWA) cafe, coo over baby animals, relish the amazing crafty talents of the work in the Arts & Crafts pavilion, ride the giant Ferris wheel and generally enjoy the delight of my children who love a good show bag (didn't we all when we were kids).

This year my highlight was meeting Norm from Norm & Elsie's Art Safari. They have a gorgeous vintage caravan that has been converted into a mobile art gallery filled with art and artifacts from South West Victoria. Truly amazing! It was love at first sight and Elsie's cabinet of curiosities in the caravan was filled with all sorts of treasures and a number of cute ceramic   squirrels - I was totally won over!

There is nothing quite like a good dose of old fashioned fun and in the name of making the most of it we spent about 9 hours there!
I can highly recommend a visit! Just make sure you take your inner Nanna with you....oh and your inner child!


Annie said...

Lots of fun and great things to see. My cousin went last week and loved all the foodie pavilions. My dad was a show secretary for a country show for 26 years, so my sisters and I have it in our blood.

A Magical Whimsy said...

You have such a fun blog! And then I went to your Pinterest page and saw pictures out of the children's book 'Captain Kitty' which happens to be THE MOST FAVOURITE BOOK I loved as a child growing up. I lost that book and then found another one when I was nineteen years old and haven't let go of that book yet! So, I totally feel a connection to you, and I love the paper dolls especially the Betsy McCall paper dolls as I grew up as a child when my mother subscribed to the magazine.
Teresa in California