Sunday 2 September 2012

An outing for Fathers Day

We started a new family tradition yesterday in honour of Fathers Day. Kitty and I decided that we would cook Sam and Milo breakfast in bed and they in turn have to cook us breakky in bed when it’s Mother’s Day. Pretty good deal I reckon…but when you are 4 like Milo – it’s pretty hard really to balance the tray and everything on your lap and try not to spill it all in your parent’s bed (and stress out your Dad) and so I think a small stable table might be in order!

Whilst they gobbled up their cooked breakfast I suggested we go on a Sunday drive. It was just what we all needed – a beautiful sunny spring day and a family outing. My husband Sam – loves baking bread and I had heard lots of good things about a bakery located in the picturesque goldrush town of Trentham in Central Victoria. Apparently RedBeard Historic Bakery is famous for its 140 year old woodfired Scotch oven and of course it’s delicious bread and so off we went on a mini road trip with this as our lunch destination.

To get to Trentham we had to pass thorough Daylesford and so we broke up our journey by having a quick squiz around the trash ‘n’ treasure market….not much gold to be found by the time we got there – but always fun to look nevertheless.

Rumbling stomachs got the better of us though and off to Trentham we went in search of good things to eat. It was pretty busy when we got there but a table became available soon enough and after much deliberation and a bit of a wait – we finally got down to business – the eating good food kind of business. All I can say is YUM! We sat out in the courtyard in the sunshine and read the papers and enjoyed. My idea of bliss on a sunny Sunday.

Exploring Trenthams main street and beautiful waterfall after lunch was a lovely way to walk off our tucker and as we strolled I was struck by the quaint and very typically Australian architecture of the little township and the gorgeous greenery of the surrounding bush – well worth a visit I must say and at only 70mins from Melbourne it is easily doable.

Happy Father’s Day Sam – you are loved.


Trish Gavegan said...

I’m glad to hear that you all had a lovely day on Father’s Day and it sounds like you chose a beautiful way to recognise Sam’s loving care of his little family.


Sam Wills said...

And you too, my family are loved. Thanks for your part in my Fatherhood! xx